At Refuge Rock Ranch we believe that the beef you eat should make you feel good about your health, how the cattle was raised, and how it impacts the environment. In this article we will take a look at how our process is as responsible as it gets.

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Refuge Rock Ranch


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September 5, 2020

In our opinion humanely raised beef, chicken, pork, etc. is all there should be on store shelves. The idea of factory farming and feedlots is enough to turn anybody away from the practices of factory farming. The factory farming practices documented by animal rights activists has caused many people to go vegan, vegetarian, or to simply feel bad about their meat consumption. It is unnatural for an animal to live its life in a location that is not seen in nature and for the animal to eat a diet that is not found in nature.

It is our belief that all animals should live their lives in nature, without the stresses that come from being corralled, trailered, and finally transported to a slaughterhouse. What makes our commitment to our cattle so unique? Our Angus cattle are able to graze at our ranch on nutrient rich irrigated pastures. They eat the vegetation that they were created to eat, and they are never put into trailers and transported to slaughterhouses. Our cattle live a very similar life to deer or elk that live a completely natural life and then are very quickly and humanely killed without any disruption to their lives up until the very moment the field kill method is employed.

This method also eliminates emissions that come from transporting cows to a feedlot, then to a slaughterhouse, and then to stores. The Refuge Rock Ranch way of raising and processing beef gives you the highest quality meat while being responsible to the animals, your health, and the environment.


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