We get a ton of questions from people who ask if they should cook a grass fed steak any differently than they would a steak from the store that is likely grain/soy fed. In this article we will take this question and give you some advice on how to prepare your high quality grass fed steaks.

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October 10, 2020

If you are new to grass-fed beef it is not a bad idea to cook your first few steaks the same way you would cook a regular corn-fed steak you would get from the store. However, as you get more comfortable with cooking grass-fed meat we would recommend doing the following.

1. Use less seasoning. Many people will notice a gamey flavor to most commonly grass fed meat due to the wild open ranges that it is raised on. Our meat is produced from high protein-high sugar grass and alfalfa. This produces a very mild meat that does not require a lot of seasoning. Meat that has been produced in a feedlot has a lot of adrenaline type hormones, so people try to hide the flavor profile with seasoning, steak sauce, etc. The flavor profile of our grass-fed beef is more natural and not gamey. You can take advantage of this flavor profile by using just a small amount of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Those three ingredients along with your grass-fed steak should provide all that you need to enjoy a truly grass-fed and finished steak.

2. Don’t overcook grass-fed steaks. As you will hear from any coffee enthusiast, a great coffee bean is not blackened, but has a shade of brown and green to it. By not burning the bean you can extract all of the flavors from the bean when brewed. The blackened coffee beans we have become accustomed to were largely made popular by large chain coffee houses that roasted their beens to the beef equivalent of more than well done to hide the poor quality of the beans. The same is done by many restaurants and home chefs to hide the taste of lesser quality meats. When you are cooking a high quality grass-fed steak try cooking it to medium or medium well if you usually opt for well done. You may be surprised by the result.

As is the case with all foods, it comes down to personal preference. Try new things, get creative, and enjoy!


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